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Monday, January 5, 2009

Challenge of the Day 2 - January 5th

So I actually steered away from valentine cards long enough to put together this card. I used my C cart to cut the scalloped edges at 5.5 inches. The embellishments are from M and my "old" stash. The layout I followed today was from 2 Sketches 4 You . I used 2 inkadinkado stamps from the "old" days, thought it was appropriate since it matched the patterned paper I chose. My husband was the one to suggest "cutting" the stamped inmage out as I found there was too much white with the stamp. At the end of the card I decided to add glitter paint to the white dots of the paper.


  1. This is just about the most adorable card I've seen in a long time.

    Love it.

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  2. What an ADORABLE card!! Fabulous take on Kazan's 2s4y sketch!!

  3. Sooo cute. I have to make a card today for a Baby shower this weekend and you have inspired me with my own sketch *lol* thank you so much for playing.
    Nicole's explanation sounds good to me - I have had so many people help but I hardly ever have to use the feature so I forget each time...sorry :)

  4. This is so cute Dawn! Great take on Kazan's sketch. Love the little sentiment at on the ribbon slide.
    Sarah x

  5. So, so cute! I love all the dimension you given to it!

  6. How adorable is that cute little moon?! Great job with the sketch!


  7. OMG! I looooove this one... it is truly adorable! HUGS...SK :)

  8. Lovely cute card,great job using the sketch.

  9. Great cards, love your ideals