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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Card - Neutral

My co-worker is having a baby next month and I decided to elect myself to make the card for the office to sign. Since she doesn't know what she is having...I think it was appropriate to make the card green and yellow. This cute giraffe sticker and green gems were bought at M. The other paper was from my scraps and the green card was from Joanns. I had to put white cardstock on the inside of the card, as the card is green throughout.


  1. I just love your cards!! Thanks for joining my blog, I'm going to join yours now!! Maybe I can get insired!!

  2. From Hubby's standpoint I can tell you that Dawn's passion for card making is fuelled by all the other blogs as well :)

    Her inspiration comes from many of you, trust me, I have to pull her away from her crafting area almost every night to get to bed a decent time!